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23 May 2022

Student Ambassadors Melbourne Trip

During Education Week, our Student Ambassadors took a trip to Melbourne to visit some of the fantastic scientific and technological attractions the city has to offer.

Students visited Science Gallery Melbourne and explored the Mental exhibit, which they were guided through with the help of knowledgeable staff. Students enjoyed the hamster wheel which they found interesting because of the live streaming and how every use of the wheel was tracked and the data was logged and shared online. The movement of the wheel was filmed (not the students themselves) and interested viewers from all over the world could encourage their progress.



There were many other exhibits in the gallery that students found “eye-opening as well as confronting”. Some were interactive like the hamster wheel, and others involved a chance for students to learn and watch and reflect. “I learned about a problem that is incredibly visible in our generation” – students discussed amongst themselves the impact that technology has on our lives and even its potential to “re-program” the way we operate.



The Ambassadors also visited Scienceworks where they had a chance to take themselves on a self-guided tour. There were many more opportunities for exploration and learning through a host of interactive and fascinating installations. Students particularly liked the fact that they had enough time and “free reign” to explore the museum together.

In many ways, the excursion also gave the Ambassadors more time to connect with each other and solidify friendships that have been developing during their fortnightly Tuesday workshops. This collegiality will enable them to collaborate more effectively on the projects to come.