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The Geelong Tech School is located on the corner of Latrobe Terrace and Little Malop Street on the Geelong city campus of The Gordon.

The stunning building houses 6 flexible learning spaces and 2 custom fitted spaces including

  • A showcase with the capacity for 270 degree projection and collaborative VR
  • Two design studios with computers and software aligned with designing prototypes
  • A flexible maker space
  • A maker space equipped as an engineering workshop
  • A flexible presentation/classroom space
  • A VR lab housing 4 VR stations and a motion capture system
  • A Fab lab housing 3D printers, a laser cutter/etcher and a variety of other prototyping equipment
STEM on the go

The Geelong Tech School also has invested in a trailer equipped with drones, electronics, 3D printers and mobile laser cutters enabling facilitation to teachers, students and parents onsite at partner schools.