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Professional Development

A high level of support is available from the Geelong Tech School as a technology hub with access to innovative workshops, expertise, and emerging technologies.

We will work closely with schools to increase capacity in STEM and technologies and facilitate collaborative projects to extend student capabilities.

Within professional development programs teachers will be given time to engage and immerse in technologies to develop understanding and skills to recognise the opportunities that incorporate technologies as a vehicle to achieve outcomes across subject areas.

The Geelong Tech School currently has numerous teacher PD opportunities using a range of technologies and cover a variety of content delivery options ranging from 1 hour online programs to 1 full day Tech Tasters through to our 3-day immersion programs. We are also happy to receive specific requests to meet a school or teacher’s needs.

By demand from partner schools, the Geelong Tech School now facilitates a Systems Engineering Teachers Network, including access to our expert Tech School staff and equipment also offering support to specific student projects.