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About Geelong Tech School

The Geelong Tech School is a state of the art ‘technology hub’ that facilitates programs and working relationships that enable skills needed for the 21st Century.

Innovative programs focus on projects underpinned by the design thinking with real world application and represent what is possible through a collaborative approach from schools, local industry and community. In a fully supported environment participants are inspired to design and create using the latest technologies including, virtual reality, electronics, robotics and a fully equipped fabrication lab housing 3D printers, a laser cutter and a wide range of equipment.

The Geelong Tech School is hosted by The Gordon on its city campus and receives class visits from schools in the Geelong local government area. Ongoing collaboration with the partner secondary schools, industry, and the Geelong community ensures programs meet the needs of schools, connect with industry in this region, inspire young people and develop a range of skills that will be in demand in the future. Innovative learning programs will impact on subject selection and pathway decisions as students and teachers in Geelong secondary schools become better informed about future skills, workplaces and pathway opportunities.

Geelong Tech School Strategic Direction 2022-25

In the first four years of operation, the Geelong Tech School has established strong foundations, building relationships with schools, industry, and community, whilst creating unique programs. There is a strong appetite for Geelong Tech School to extend our reach, diversifying and acting in different ways to maximise our impact.


Our Mission

Geelong Tech School will drive change through innovative program delivery, creating connections, and building a shared responsibility so young people can understand and pursue skills that open up new pathways and opportunities.


Our Objectives

Young people to take on their futures
Through projects requiring design, creativity, and the use of innovative technologies.

Drive change in education and create meaningful connections
Between schools, industry, and the community.

Progress the business model


Our Intentions

  • Establish purposeful connections that provide opportunities for young people, schools, industry, and community.
  • Ensure the Geelong Tech School leadership and workforce is equipped to create and drive change.
  • Design and deliver applied learning programs and activities that encourage young people to step up, create, contribute, explore new possibilities and take ownership.
  • Lead/mentor to drive change creating new practices and building capability that align to future needs.
  • Optimise resource allocation business systems and operational performance.


Vision for the future

  • Geelong Tech School is a network builder in the STEM education system.
  • Students assume a more influential role in the design of programs, identifying the capabilities they want to build, problems they want to solve and dreams for the future.
  • Geelong Tech School leads conversations and thinking about the future. We will be a skilled disruptor who model educational transformation.
  • Young people practise skills that are highly valued and develop their capabilities to open up choice in pathways, leading to a sense of meaning, wellbeing and happiness.
  • Learning is fun, engaging, rewarding and hands on to help build skills for life.
  • A focus on collaboration fosters new connections for young people. A variety of programs will be accessible outside school hours’ allowing students to pursue further learning.


Strategic Direction 2022-25