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27 November 2022

Regional Rail Revival

The Regional Rail Revival (RRR) Challenge 2050 will be running again in 2023!

Regional Rail Revival has partnered with Tech Schools across Victoria to hold the first state-wide Design Challenge 2050 and Geelong Tech School will be participating with secondary school students in the Geelong region.


What is it?

A team-based competition for school students in years 7-10. The challenge will ask school students for their creative ideas about the future of train travel, and to design and prototype multiple solutions using the Geelong Tech School technology and guidance.


How will it work?

  • Once you have registered a team, you will attend Starter Sessions to meet other students and get inspired before heading back to school to start working on your team’s design.
  • A series of guided learning hours and mentoring workshops from the Geelong Tech School will help your team to develop and perfect its idea before sending it to the judges.
  • If your idea is shortlisted, you’ll get to present it to our panel of engineers and other experts from Rail Projects Victoria at our Pitch Final in Melbourne.


What you need to participate:

  • Be a secondary school student in years 7 – 10.
  • Rally a teacher from your school to support and help your team along the way
  • Create a team with 3-5 other students (you can enter multiple teams from the same school)
  • Check the rules to confirm you are eligible
  • Put your thinking caps on and brainstorm