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22 March 2024

Meet our new management team

We are pleased to announce that Natasha Shukuroglou has been appointed Curriculum Manager and  Matt Hill takes on the position of Operations Manager of the Geelong Tech School.


Natasha Shukuroglou: Curriculum Manager

We are excited to welcome our new Curriculum Manager, Tash, who brings a wealth of experience in education, in both local and international curriculum. With a passion for innovation and a strong background in STEM, she believes in fostering creativity and critical thinking to equip students with the skills they need to thrive today and in their future.

Tash’s compassion and bubbly nature makes staff, teachers and industry partners feel supported in every endeavour. We are excited to see Tash flourish within our dynamic team.




Matt Hill: Operations Manager

In his 6th year at Geelong Tech School, Matt has landed the role of Operations Manager, a key member of the leadership team that manages staff, generates business growth, maintains a motivated and respectful team environment and oversees daily operations.

His diligent work ethic and adept efficiency ensure tasks are completed promptly.  Matt brings a wealth of knowledge to the role and we look forward to his valuable contribution to our new management team.