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02 June 2023


As educators, we all want to prepare our students to thrive in a complex future where rapid advances in technology and environmental challenges are changing the way we live and work.

We want to make sure our students are creative problem solvers with well-developed 21st century skills. And, we want to amplify their voice and choice in their own education so they can become the effective lifelong learners the future demands.

Design thinking has already transformed global industries. It can also help effect professional practice change in your classrooms and school environments to meet these vital goals.

Design2Innovate is an introduction to design thinking that will support participants to become more confident in using design thinking in the classroom, school curriculum, and leadership practice.

Registrants are asked to note that this event is intended for primary and secondary teachers (and teaching assistants) actively working in schools.


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Over two days, you will engage in hands-on learning, take risks and be challenged as you deepen your creative thinking and problem-solving skills, and collaborate with peers and Tech Schools. You’ll learn how to use design thinking to enhance student-led learning, build 21st century skills, and facilitate cultural change in your school.

A key component of this program is a school-based project, lesson or unit of work using design thinking which you will test with your students and showcase to your peers in the course.


Learning outcomes

This program will develop your understanding of:

  • design thinking, its phases and operation and its application in practice
  • how to create a curriculum unit using design thinking
  • how to integrate design thinking in your practice and in school curriculum
  • how reflective practice will support learning, provide feedback on learning and change future learning and practice – empowering your pursuit of curiosity


The two-day course, for teachers and middle leaders in the Central Highlands, Barwon and Wimmera South West regions, will be held at the Ballarat Tech School on the following dates:

  • Onboarding: 28th August 2023 (1.5 hours at Ballarat Tech School from 4:00pm – 5:30pm).
  • Day 1: 4th September 2023, 9am-3pm
  • Day 2: 11th September 2023, 9am-3pm
  • Showcase: (Date and time to be negotiated with participants)


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Why Design 2 Innovate?

“I was resistant to think that Design 2 Innovate could help me with my teaching. I was an experienced teacher and was frustrated with how my maths classes were performing. Students were absent on test days, or they were attending class but weren’t attempting to do the test.”

“Who would have thought that asking students how they felt about maths tests could be the solution to my problem.”

“Design 2 Innovate helped me to see the problem I was facing and try a new approach. I shared with the class my observations and asked them what was happening. To my surprise they opened up about their anxiety and feeling overwhelmed when they looked at the test paper. Students shared that they knew the content but when in a test situation they would freeze. As the students shared, the whole atmosphere in the classroom changed. I then asked them what they thought could be the solution. They discussed and shared ideas and decided that they would create study groups to support each other. I also offered them a resit for the previous test. I am excited to share that I had 100% attendance and every student improved their score. Who would have thought that asking students how they felt about maths tests could be the solution to my problem. And they also know that I care, not only about their maths performance, but their wellbeing as well.”



Frequently Asked Questions

Who is it for?

Primary and secondary leaders, teachers and professional school staff are welcome to attend, as well as teachers from any subject area.

We recommend attending as a group of two, at minimum, to allow for early collaboration regarding cultural change activities.

Schools can also book PD for larger staff groups, delivered at your own school. Please contact Ballarat Tech School to organise details:

Design2Innovate has been developed by Tech Schools in partnership with Bastow, Victorian teachers and international design thinking experts.


Who can attend Design2Innovate?

Before registering, any participant should have:

  • commitment from their principal to implement design thinking in teaching practice
  • desire to embed design thinking processes in own practice and school curriculum.

The target audience includes:

  • Primary school teachers
  • Secondary school teachers
  • TAFE teachers
  • Regional staff working in DET, e.g. Professional Learning Community Managers


What is the Course structure?
  • Two face-to-face workshops across two days, a 1.5 hour on boarding session and a 2-hour project showcase event.


Where is Design2Innovate delivered?

This Design2Innovate is held at the Ballarat Tech School.


Who delivers Design2Innovate?

Design2Innovate is delivered by Tech School network facilitators who are experts in design thinking and STEM.


How many participants can attend from one school?

There is no limit on participants who can attend the course from a school. The suggested requirement for each school is to register at least one middle leader and a teacher to work on the course project. The aim of the project is to design a unit of work and implement it in the classroom or at a whole school level.