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26 September 2023

Country to Coolamon

During week one of the holidays, Geelong Tech School proudly collaborated with the Common Ground Project and the South Western Koorie Academy of Excellence to deliver an unforgettable AgTech Camp titled ‘Country to Coolamon’.

This immersive experience was a vibrant celebration of indigenous culture and the limitless possibilities that arise from the fusion of technology and agriculture.

The camp’s commencement was momentous, graced by a heartfelt Welcome to Country delivered by the esteemed local Wadawurrung Elder, Aunty Naomi. Her warm and gracious welcome set the stage for a week of cultural exchange and hands-on learning.

Students from the South Western Koorie Academy of Excellence were immersed in many enriching activities. Guided by Lachie at the Common Ground Project, they landscaped and planted native bush foods, fostering a deeper connection to the land and its traditional significance. Under the expert guidance of Chris from Wiru Drone Solutions, students took flight into the world of drones, exploring their applications in agriculture and environmental monitoring.

Lowey from Salty One led an enchanting session on Sand Art, allowing students to express their creativity through this intricate art form. Meanwhile, at The Gordon, the talented chefs hosted cooking classes, introducing students to the exquisite flavours of native ingredients. This gastronomic journey showcased the region’s rich culinary heritage and its potential for a sustainable food future.

A highlight of the camp was the visit to Geelong Tech School, where students created Augmented Reality information panels to complement the newly established Common Ground Project Yarning Circle. This intersection of technology and indigenous knowledge was a testament to the camp’s overarching theme of innovation.

Throughout the week, students and staff were treated to an array of gourmet delights prepared by the skilled hands of the Common Ground Project and The Davidson restaurant chefs. This culinary experience delighted the senses and underscored the importance of sustainable, locally sourced ingredients.

The AgTech Camp on Wadawurrung Country marked our fourth successful collaboration with the South Western Koorie Academy of Excellence, and it was undeniably the best one yet. The memories created during the week will undoubtedly linger, and we eagerly anticipate the future opportunities for growth and learning that our continued partnership will bring.

A massive thanks to everyone who was involved with putting the camp together.