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04 July 2022

Work Experience Review

We were fortunate to have four students join us for ‘Work Experience’ during the last two weeks of the Term.

Two students travelled all the way from Lorne Secondary College (Phoenix and Hayden), whilst Gabriel came from Geelong High School, and Jackson from St Ignatius. Two of the students wrote about their experiences below.



Work Experience at the Geelong Tech School has been an experience that will be hard to forget, being immersed in the things that I enjoy and would like to explore further in the future.

Being surrounded by teachers who have explored the same possibilities that we have been offered at the Tech School has made us feel even more welcome and has made it feel easier to ask questions and get them to help out with projects that we think only surround our interests, but are really similar to theirs as well. Any idea that we have, the staff at the Tech School do their best to help us out with it and offer ideas that may even work better.

At the Tech School, I really have to take my hat off to all of the incredible staff that have introduced us to their classes and curriculum with open arms and have taught us new skills that we will use in industry-specific areas for as long as it is necessary. New skills that I have learnt consist of VR, which is going to be a highly required skill in demand for the future, along with Fusion 360, which I already knew how to use with high skill, but coming here for a long period of time has expanded my learning further and has made me adapt my thinking in various ways. I have also learnt how to create a virtual human in MakeHuman and then animate it with a video created in a Motion Capture room in Blender, and I have also been educated on how to program a laser cutter with a file from Adobe Illustrator and start its cutting for a classes project.

As you can see, every day at the Geelong Tech School is varyingly different and there are no dull moments in the fast advancing, Technological Industry.



During the week of work experience, I have learnt many things, including how to use Twin Motion, as well as also learning how to use the laser cutter.

We also helped during some classes as staff (even though we were students being able to do the same as what was been taught).

During our time at the Geelong Tech School, we were able to do what we wanted, when we wanted, and if we were helping in classes, the staff didn’t mine if we left and came back. We were also able to expand our knowledge on things like ‘code breaker’. I was able to help and then expand on the things that I already knew about the topic.

One of the most difficult things was probably going from being a student to being a teacher/student, and helping with the things that were needed in the classroom as well as throughout the building.

One of the things that I liked the most was being able to do things at my own pace, as well as being able to do things as I want when I wanted.