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05 March 2021

Welcome Telstra CEO Andy Penn!

Welcome Telstra CEO Andy Penn!

Yesterday we welcomed Telstra’s Andy Penn (CEO), Nikos Katinakis (Group Executive, Networks and IT), Jules Scarlett (Regional Affairs and Chief Sustainability Executive), Ben Gursansky (Head of Rural and Regional Affairs), and Loretta Willaton (Regional General Manager) to the Geelong Tech School to learn more about our innovative programs and see how our local Geelong secondary school students are using tech to help solve real-world problems.




Geelong Tech School staff, along with students from Geelong High School and Oberon High School were delighted to demonstrate their skills to Andy and the Telstra Executive Team, taking them through the real-world problem of the decreasing population of bees and presenting how technology is being used to provide a solution.



The ‘Bees with Back Packs’ program takes network-connected ‘backpacks’ and attaches them to the back of individual bees, in order to track their behaviour and provide data on their movements.

In partnership with the CSIRO and sponsored by Telstra, the ‘Bees with Back Packs’ design challenge will encourage local Geelong secondary school students to learn more about food security, bees and bee behaviour to design a local habitat to increase bee activity and help contribute to solving this real-world, global problem.


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