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The Gordon Team Building VR Challenge

Faced with impending disaster, team members are tasked with defending the ship from asteroids, solving puzzles, and working as a team to beat the clock in a fun-filled interstellar VR experience.

Starting next Monday the 6th of June, and going until the end of term, we are inviting Gordon staff to have a go at our Virtual Reality Escape Room in the Geelong Tech School. Recruit three colleagues to put your skills to the test.

Each session will take an hour and will allow the group to have three attempts at completing the challenge. We will keep a record of the scores and showcase the best teams below. If you’re interested in giving it a go, approach your manager before registering your team.

Quick Info

What: Team Building Challenge in Virtual Reality
: 6th June – 24th June
Time: 2.30-3.30pm
Who: Teams of four
Where: Geelong Tech School, City Campus (K2.16)


  • Tuesday 7th, 2.30-3.30pmBooked (Culinary school)
  • Wednesday 8th, 2.30-3.30pm
  • Thursday 9th, 2.30-3.30pm
  • Friday 10th, 2.30-3.30pmBooked (Education Development)
  • Tuesday 14th, 2.30-3.30pmBooked (PSC)
  • Wednesday 15th, 2.30-3.30pm Booked (Student Administration)
  • Thursday 16th, 2.30-3.30pmBooked (Library & Learning support)
  • Friday 17th, 2.30-3.30pmBooked (Health and Community Services)
  • Monday 20th, 2.30-3.30pmBooked (Education Development)
  • Tuesday 21st, 2.30-3.30pmBooked (PSC)
  • Wednesday 22nd, 2.30-3.30pm Booked (Education Development)
  • Thursday 23rd, 2.30-3.30pmBooked (Head of Centres)
  • Friday 24th, 2.30-3.30pmBooked (Student Counselling)


Student Administration: 100% (17min 56sec)

Culinary School “Hospitality Heroes”: 86% Complete
Education Development: 86% Complete
PSC: 86% Complete
Health and Community Services: 86% Complete
Library & Learning support: 86% Complete