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Special Education

The Geelong Tech School delivers innovative educational programs adaptable to all ages and skill levels.

Exciting STEM programs with strong industry links, real life scenarios have been developed using a range of emerging technologies such as 3-D printer, laser cutters, robotics, and electronics.

We have adapted our programs to suit the variety of learning levels and abilities that Special Schools may require.

At the beginning of 2021 we will be expanding our offerings to our Robotics Tech Taster programs with a focus on Block coding skill development.  These programs will be using Sphero, mBots, the Rugged Robot and the Sphero BOLT’s to name a few.  Each of these types of robotic technologies have a variety of engagement levels from screen free command options using buttons and voice controls, to more challenging learning opportunities and extensions to learning using Block coding with iPads and Laptops.

Furthermore our STEM programs will be introduced using Sphero’s for painting and Sphero Specdrum’s for music. These will enhance the students experience and connection to coding, visual design, rhythm and music loops. This engaging technology will provide students the opportunity to explore and develop their STEM skills in coding, maths and digital literacy through fun and play.

To discuss the range of STEM learning programs on offer in 2021, please contact the Geelong Tech School.