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Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering

We have developed a range of programs that assist schools in offering a pathway to Systems Engineering and on to tertiary studies.


Download Systems Pathway Flyer

Arduino Kits

Schools are provided with a free class set of Arduino starter kits and supporting resources. Professional development is available to support the implementation from year 7 to 10.

Codebreaker A & B, and Code X

The Codebreaker series is an introduction to using Arduino and electronics to build and code circuits. It can be done by students with no previous experience and it consists of three single day modules. Codebreaker would compliment an existing Arduino program and is a good foundation for VCE Systems Engineering.

  • Codebreaker A
    Introduction to Arduino, LED Flash, Morse code, traffic lights, LED chaser
  • Codebreaker B
    RGB LED, servo motors, light meter, motor drivers, GTR (Geelong Tech Robot)
  • Code X
    Transistors, neo pixels, Pixy Cam, GTR ball chaser

Systems Engineering Course

We have developed a full course for units 1 to 4 of VCE Systems Engineering. The goal is to lower any barriers to entry for teachers considering starting to teach Systems Engineering, and to provide a resource for experienced Systems Engineering teachers. The course has been designed by experienced Systems Engineering teachers, based on the study design and drawing on resources such as textbooks (Penna), videos, websites and Geelong Tech School resources. The Geelong Tech School resources include the GTR (Geelong Tech Robot), teacher PD, weekly after school workshops and use of the Fablab (3D printing, laser cutting and PCB milling), Makerspace and CAD studios.

Teachers are able to guide their students through each of the Unit 1-4 course work (Outcome 1) requirements, supported by student workbooks that become an excellent examination revision resource.

  • Access the Systems Engineering course resources through our Teacher Portal.

Teachers wanting to use our facilities such as the CAD studios, 3D printers, laser cutting, PCB mill or makerspace should contact the Geelong Tech School.

Accelerate Program

VCE Students can enrol in two units of engineering at Deakin University. The results for these units will contribute to their ATAR and also be part of their engineering degree should they choose to follow that path into their tertiary studies. These subjects are taught on campus, giving students a taste of university life.

After School

Tuesdays 3:40pm-5:30pm

Systems Engineering students are invited to bring their projects to our Makerspace, Fablab, and CAD studios. You can use the facilities here to design and build your creation, and get assistance from teachers with expertise in systems engineering, mechatronics, electronics, and CAD.

If interested, download and complete the following form. Completed forms must be submitted to David Rusden prior to attending.

Download Consent Form

Note. You will need to download the form and open it in a PDF viewer (not your browser window) to complete & sign it properly.

Systems Engineering Teacher’s Network

The Geelong Tech School invites all Systems Engineering, Design & Digital Technology teachers from our partner schools to join us each term for a hands-on systems engineering-focused networking session.

These sessions offer the opportunity to discover, explore & learn all about the latest in technology and equipment, bounce ideas off like-minded teachers from different schools, and access support, resources & advice from Tech School Facilitators.

Sessions are open to teachers from all knowledge & skill levels and are a great way to explore different systems engineering possibilities, all within a relaxed friendly environment.

Upcoming Session Dates:

Teachers wanting to take part in these sessions or are seeking further information can contact Paul D’Orio.