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Department of Education - Consent Form


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Consent form – Student

Photographs and video for the Department of Education

We would like your consent to take photos and/or video of your child at Geelong Tech School on (DATE) for our showcasing of Victorian Tech Schools and for The Education State.

During the event your child may be photographed or videoed in activities such as:

- interacting with other students or school staff in normal school activities
- playing in outdoor or indoor settings
- being interviewed about the Tech Schools and the impact they’ve had on their learning.
- using Tech School equipment/facilities
- recording voice-overs for use in video

Consent is when you agree to something. You can only give your consent if you are the child’s parent, guardian or carer.

You are giving us consent to use these photos or video:

- on our website and social media (including those of the Victorian School Building Authority)
- in information or advertising about the Department of Education
- in newsletters or other communications to the public
- on Ministerial and Members of Parliament social media accounts.
- by the Department of Treasury and Finance for materials regarding the Victorian State Budget

If you have any questions about this event, please talk to the organisers at the event or staff at your kindergarten/school.

If your child is identified in these photos or video, it will be by first name only.

Your child’s privacy

The law says that photos or video of your child are their personal information. There are privacy laws in Victoria that say how personal information can be used. We will follow these laws.

Find out more about privacy on our website at or contact our privacy team at

What you are agreeing to?

When you sign this form, you are agreeing that:

- you have read this form
- you give us consent to take photos or video of your child
- you understand that we may use the photos or video of your child in the ways we list above
- your consent starts from the date written on this form.

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Name of Parent/Guardian/Carer*
DD slash MM slash YYYY

Withdrawing your consent

If you want us to stop using the photos or video of your child, you must tell our Communications Division at or staff at your kindergarten/school.
We will not use them again, but we may not be able to remove them from things that have already been published.

Your details will be dealt with in accordance with the Public Records Act 1973 and the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014.  Should you have any queries or wish to gain access to your personal information held by this department please contact our Privacy Officer at