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22 July 2021

School Holiday STEM Camp

In the winter school break, Geelong Tech School hosted a STEM camp with the Western Koorie Academy of Excellence and Indigicate.

The 3 day camp inspired 13 students as well as support staff from Victoria’s South-West region who travelled to Geelong with the intention of learning new skills, experiencing new ideas and career pathways in STEM, and to highlight how STEM can be incorporated with culture and community. Students engaged with a broad variety of STEM applications in a creative and empathetic way.


The first two days were held at the Geelong Tech School, and included the following activities.

  • Drone choreography
  • Motion Capture
  • Digital design and laser cutting kangaroo leather
  • Coding and battling robots
  • Group T-shirt design


The final day was co-hosted with Parks Victoria at Serendip Sanctuary and the You Yangs Regional Park. While on country, Parks Victoria indigenous rangers Ebonee and Daniel introduced links between STEM career opportunities and cultural connection to the students. After an engaging and inspiring walk & talk from the rangers, students were given the opportunity to express their feeling of connection by creating 3D artwork in Virtual Reality at Serendip Sanctuary.


Tilt Brush drawing by Rhianna Ormiston.


Student feedback was overwhelmingly positive with students, staff, and parents expressing excitement over the prospect of similar opportunities in the future.