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31 May 2021

Regional Camps

Throughout May, the Geelong Tech School conducted STEM Camps in Bannockburn and Colac to increase opportunities for Rural and Regional students.

We held camps at Colac Secondary College, Trinity College Colac, and Bannockburn P-12 College.

Collectively, 65 students and numerous teachers were engaged for 3 days in a range of applied learning activities. The first two days were facilitated at their home school with the final day at the Geelong Tech School.

  • Day 1 – Onsite at the school, coding skills with application to drones. In a 2 x 1 ½ hour program, students progressed their skills to measure and navigate a course. On this day the facilitators also provided students with a Tiltbrush in VR experience for an hour.
  • Day 2 – Onsite at the school, the Fast Cars program focusing on physics and mathematics as it applied to the construction and trial racing of model cars. Data was collected and analysed prior to cars being adapted for the next race.
  • Day 3 – At the Geelong Tech School schools accessed emerging technologies and equipment as well as expertise. Participants were pitched a choice of two challenges to work through the design process and create a product using technology as part of the Tinker time or Leather Bound Tech Tasters.

It was a fantastic experience for all involved, students were excited and amazed at what they could achieve, teachers were left asking for more opportunities, and the Geelong Tech School staff and facilitators enjoyed the chance to work with regional schools.