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01 May 2024

Real-life application, not just an activity.

Article by Elly Broadbent

This week we designed and 3D printed a typing aid for a student who needed support to use the keyboard. A typing or keyboard aid is an instrument you attach to your hand to tap and hold keys on the keyboard. Great for anyone who needs an extension on their hand or fingers.

We discovered that one student, when needing to hold the shift key and use the scroll wheel on the mouse simultaneously, her left hand had limited muscle strength, which made it difficult for her to manoeuvre. The keyboard aid we designed enabled the student to hold the shift key with her left hand and hold the scroll wheel on the mouse with her right hand with more agility.

Every day we modify, adjust and pivot depending on the needs of the class or the individual student. In just one day, we aim to make learning as fun and successful as possible. We get to see students light up when learning new technologies. Sometimes, students have challenges to their learning, anything from focusing to interpreting instruction,  or hearing or mobility impairments. Technology can be a solution for students to better access their learning.

One of the many benefits of working at the Tech School is having 3D prototyping technology readily accessible from the classroom with solutions being applied almost immediately.


3D printing gets a big tick for providing solutions in assistive technology.