Design a cartoon character and bring them to life with animation and Augmented Reality.

App app and away

Using UX design principles, ideate, plan, and build a prototype mobile phone app.

Code Breaker Series

Learn about microprocessors, create circuits, and write code to perform functions.

Drone Dash

Use geometry, measurement and block coding to fly your drone around the course.

Tilt Brush in VR

Paint a modern masterpiece on an endless canvas using Tilt Brush in Virtual Reality.

Laser Make

Design and prototype a product using Adobe Illustrator and a laser cutter.

CAD it

Design a product using 3D CAD software, then print it on a 3D printer.

Table Maze

Design and build a cardboard maze then use block code to automate a solution.

Tinker Time

Build a project using Hummingbird electronics and Snap! coding.