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Geelong Tech School

Tech School Forum

We're excited to head to Melbourne for a day of collaboration and networking. The 'Tech School Forum' is a chance for staff from each of the Tech Schools to get

Unleash the power of MicroBits

Explore the world of Microbits, an award-winning programmable device designed to immerse students in hands-on coding and digital making.

Girls in STEM

Join us for an exciting ‘Girls in STEM’ event tailored exclusively for girls in years 9-10! This empowering gathering is designed to ignite a passion for science, technology, engineering, and

Design Thinking for Primary STEM

For primary schools embarking on the journey of establishing a STEM program, this professional development provides a comprehensive toolkit.

Tips and Tricks of 3D Printing

From setup to maintenance, we'll guide you through the tips and tricks to empower you to 3D print whatever you envision.

Designing practical 3D models

We'll guide you through the fundamentals of Fusion 360, empowering you to craft your unique 3D products with precision and creativity.

Transforming the Maths classroom

Transform your math classes with a full-day professional development experience led by Andrew from 'Think Square.'

Physics in Game design

Contemporary video games leverage physics to emulate realistic behaviours and captivating special effects.

Industry Design Sprint

Seeking enthusiastic and eager students in the Geelong region to participate in a 4-day design sprint. If you are interested in all things STEM, emerging technologies, solving real-world problems, and

Develop compelling video resources

Whether it's instructional or informational, captivate your learners by crafting your own compelling video resources.

Product design using laser cutters

Bring your ideas to life using a laser cutter. Soon enough, you'll be crafting your own bespoke Ikea-inspired creations.

Coding, not just for the nerds

Delve into fundamental concepts and discover practical ways to seamlessly integrate coding into your classrooms.