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29 June 2021

Diary of a Work Experience Student

During the last week of Term two we had the pleasure of welcoming five work experience students to the team.

Two of those students have written about their experiences below.



During work experience we have been learning how to operate technology and machinery alongside how to teach these skills to others.

We have learned how to operate a laser cutter and workplace safety. We have also learned how to use different programs like Adobe Illustrator, Twinmotion and Unreal Engine.

Working in a classroom helping students was a relatively difficult task as we had to monitor the students and interact in a way expected of adults, however we did get the opportunity to meet new people our age.

One of my favourite activities this week was the leather-bound day in which students from another school came to Geelong tech to learn how to leatherwork and engrave designs into leather. We had to help when making the engraved designs by operating the laser cutter to engrave the designs and create the bracelets with hammers and clips.

One of the most difficult things was finding out how to use unreal engine and other software programs and I still don’t really understand what I was supposed to be doing.

Moving into a school place work zone is difficult for those who wish to enter a school environment in the future as a career.


During my work experience, I have been working on various projects such as using the laser cutter, designing using Twin Motion and creating games using Unreal Engine.

During my time at the tech school, I have learnt many things throughout all of the different projects that we worked on while we were here. I learnt how to operate a laser cutter, as well as being able to use the 2 software’s that we were taught. I thought that my time helping in the classroom was very rewarding, as helping other students learn things would also broaden my understanding of the topic.

My favourite activity I have learnt this week was Unreal Engine, this is because I have a large interest in game development and design. A challenge that I faced during my time at the tech school was the number of students that came in for the leather-bound program, there were many designs to print of the laser printer, and we had to conduct them quickly and efficiently so that all of the students received a laser printed design on a piece of leather.

I have had a large insight into the workplace regarding education, and the planning and process required to successfully educate all of the students that come to the school.