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Equipment Loan Form

User Terms and Conditions

By borrowing equipment from the Geelong Tech School, you acknowledge and accept the loan conditions as listed below:

  • All equipment is the property of the Geelong Tech School
  • By borrowing equipment, you are responsible for the care and security of the equipment.
  • Your use of the equipment will only be for educational purposes relating to your GeelongTech School experience.
  • You confirm that any offline or personal files will be deleted before returning the equipment.
  • You confirm that the equipment is for your use only and no other person/s will be permitted to use it.
  • You agree that there will be no inappropriate use of the loan equipment. Content or browser history found on any equipment that is offensive, pornographic, racist, sexist, homophobic, abusive, bullying, or threatening will deem you ineligible for further loan equipment.
  • Serious offenses will be reported as necessary to the police.
  • If the equipment is supplied with software; these are the only applications licensed. You are not permitted to install or download any additional software or applications.
  • We ask that you return the equipment on or before the due date, or make arrangements for an extension if required
  • You must take the utmost care to ensure the equipment is not stolen, lost, or damaged during the loan period, and to return the equipment in the condition it was loaned in. If the equipment is stolen or lost, you must report this to the Geelong Tech School immediately. Stolen equipment must also be reported to the police and a copy of the police report presented to the Geelong Tech School.
  • Failing to return the equipment in operable/comparable condition to what it was lent in, or loss of the equipment or not returned, may incur costs (or part thereof) of the maintenance, repairs, and replacement equipment. The determination of any charge will be at our discretion and only up to the value of the device that was loaned (allowing for the age and condition of the particular device).
  • If the need arises, the Geelong Tech School may recall the loan equipment, as required, at any time, if such a need does eventuate, an email communication will be sent notifying you of this, including the new required return date.

Acceptance of the loan conditions

I agree to the above Terms and Conditions.

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