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26 May 2023

An exceptional and inspiring leader

It is with mixed feelings that we announce that today is our inaugural Director, Leanne Collins’, last day.

Since joining The Gordon in 2017, Leanne has been a driving force in leading the Geelong Tech School from its inception into the amazing STEM hub of innovation it is today. She has developed groundbreaking programs that continue to bring together schools and industry, inspiring and preparing students for the jobs of tomorrow.

Leanne has worked tirelessly to forge meaningful partnerships with industry, schools, and key stakeholders, which have been instrumental in creating this dynamic and innovative STEM hub. Through her hard work and dedication, Leanne’s unique and bold vision have come to life, providing thousands of students across Geelong access to new and exciting educational programs.

As the Director, Leanne Collins is a mentor and a role model, who has led by example, inspiring others with her unwavering dedication, enthusiasm and commitment to the Geelong Tech School. Some of Leanne’s greatest strengths are in her ability to create a collaborative and supportive organisational culture. Leanne has led with empathy, integrity, and most importantly, a genuine commitment to the personal growth of her staff.

Leanne has decided to move on to her next adventure, and while it is challenging to see her go, we would like to congratulate her on the remarkable achievements and profound impact she has made.

Thank you, Leanne, and may your next challenge be filled with immeasurable success and fulfillment.