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24 June 2021

Ambassador Update – Term 2, 2021

Being a Geelong Tech School Ambassador in 2021 involves fun, interesting programs and experiences.

As of yet, we have been involved with a guest speaker webinar and started a project based on the values of creating a colourful sustainable, and environmentally friendly bag. We have also had a chance to design our own nightlight/lamp. Whilst undergoing these activities we have learnt many skills including leadership, teamwork, communication, and expanding our thought process (thinking outside the box).

In regards to the guest speaker webinar, we were fortunate enough to be learning from Harry Anderson, a programmer that resides in Switzerland. During this, Harry taught us all about all the different types of coding languages and how a computer uses code (see screenshot below).

Our favourite thing we’ve done this term would be being at the Geelong Tech School itself, learning about all the different technological innovations, and having the opportunity to operate high-tech equipment.

Throughout this year we have also faced a few challenges, trying to overcome them and learn the most we can. A challenge that stood out to us was creating a design that would stand out for the Conference bag project. Overall, being a Tech ambassador for the Geelong Tech School has been an amazing experience, and we’re thankful for the opportunity to partake in this special program.

Daman and Josh