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15 August 2022

Ambassador Marble Run

Last week, 24 of the Geelong Tech School Student Ambassadors came together to work in teams to create the Tech School’s first continuous Marble Run!

Eight teams worked on eight individual marble run platforms, which were designed to fit together so a marble could be transported through each project in a continuous loop.

The teams had a number of constraints and considerations. Including the necessity to design a functional way of their marble defying gravity and being transported upwards so that it could continue onto the next project. Each team also had to think about the theme and aesthetic of their marble run to ensure that their project stood out from the rest!

The event culminated in a community event on Thursday afternoon, where students presented their projects to peers and family members, summarising their experience, the challenges they faced, and what they learned and were able to take away from the opportunity.

Prizes were awarded for dedication to theme and creativity, teamwork, project success, and ambition as well as special Tim and Mim awards for some of the projects with special features!