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25 March 2021

2020 Ambassadors Presentation

On Tuesday night we had the opportunity to congratulate and acknowledge the students that were involved in our 2020 Ambassador Program.

This award ceremony included the presentation of certificates to the 25 Ambassadors from 12 local high schools who displayed wonderful engagement in their participation in our online offerings in 2020. Particularly impressive was their resilience despite the unique circumstances of last year and the inability for them to access onsite Ambassador program offerings.


2020 Ambassadors


We thanked and acknowledged the following 2020 Ambassadors for their participation.

  • Alejandro Ramos (Geelong Baptist College)
  • Brodie Orrock (North Geelong Secondary)
  • Daman Dosanjh (Lara Secondary College)
  • Daniel Locke (Oberon High School)
  • David Hunter (Christian College)
  • Emily Bagge (Sacred Heart College)
  • Emily Foot (North Geelong Secondary)
  • Ethan Zerafa (Oberon High School)
  • Evelyn Robinson (Geelong College)
  • Faith Qoon (North Geelong Secondary)
  • Hannah Cunningham (Christian College)
  • Isabelle Haigh (Matthew Flinders Girls SC)
  • Jamai VanDenBosch (St Ignatius College)
  • James Walker (St Joseph’s College)
  • James Weatherly (North Geelong Secondary)
  • Joseph Fratantaro (Newcomb Secondary College)
  • Kiara Cruz (Lara Secondary College)
  • Lucy Robertson (Sacred Heart College)
  • Luka McFarlane (Oberon High School)
  • Matilda Messer (Matthew Flinders Girls SC)
  • Sammy Muspratt (Belmont High School)
  • Samuel Donovan (Oberon High School)
  • Samuel Lo (Oberon High School)
  • Siddharth Shrivastava (Oberon High School)
  • Will Filiti (Geelong Baptist College)


Specifically, we also acknowledged the exemplary commitment from four students, Kiara Cruz, Matilda Messer, Lucy Robertson, and Emily Bagge for their display of leadership, participating in every single offering as part of the Ambassador Program 2020.

We would also like to extend our gratitude to all of the parents and teachers, for their support and encouragement of our 2020 Ambassadors.